Leaflets for implementation of the materials:

  1. Download leaflet for Hidromal Flex  - Two-component, polymer modified, cement-based elastic waterproofing.
  2. Download leaflet for Eksmal-1 - Ready-mix, self-levelling, one-component, cement-based mortar used for anchor grouting, grouting of load-bearing element foundations, crane beams, machine bases, grouting of vertical and horizontal openings in concrete elements and structures. 
  3. Download leaflet for Ading Betokontakt
  4. Download leaflet for Hidrozim T and Hidrozim Fluid - Admixtures for cold weather concreting at low ambient temperature of up to -20 °C
  5. Download leaflet for Fasil V  - Silicone agent for surface impregnation of areas made of porous materials
  6. Download leaflet for Adingfleks -Ready-to-use acrylate-based compound for elastic waterproofing of underground parts of facilities, terraces, balconies, kitchens, sanitary blocks, non-trafficable roof terraces, etc.